Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who argued that teachers should not be allowed to post the Ten Commandments in public schools because it violated the Constitutional separation between church and state, is now blurring the line.

Clinton, however, is using an image of Mother Teresa in a fundraising video narrated by her husband former President Bill Clinton on how wonderful Hillary is.

A Catholic advocacy group, Fidelis, is urging Clinton’s presidential campaign to remove the image of Mother Teresa from a campaign video.

“It is wholly inappropriate, disrespectful and disturbing that Hillary Clinton is using an image of Blessed Mother Teresa as a political tool, especially given their radically different views on abortion,” said Fidelis President Joseph Cella.

He noted that Mother Teresa fought to protect unborn children, while Hillary Clinton “staunchly supports abortion on demand in all nine months of pregnancy, including partial birth abortion and taxpayer funding of abortion.

So let’s get this straight. Ten Commandments in the classroom=bad. Mother Teresa being used to raise $=good.

Mother Teresa, pray for us.