The Catholic People of America, joined by all reasonable people in the State of Connecticut, have issued the following statement on the administration of plan D for the Catholic Bishops of Connecticut:

The Catholic People of America remain committed to the Episcopacy.
However, we now must advocate the administration of Plan D. Plan D calls for the prevention of implantation of (D)umb Bishops into their dioceses. Further when it cannot be scientifically proven that the Bishops have any noticeable brain function or conscience, Plan D calls for the immediate abortion of their Episcopal duties.

Recent events have made it scientifically clear that the Catholic Bishops of Connecticut have absolutely no brain function or conscience. Therefore, since diocesan implantation has already occurred, we call for the immediate abortion of their episcopal duties.

To lessen the blow of this terrible measure, the Catholic People of America, have decided that since these bishops have shown themselves to be without brain function or conscience, that we are not sure if they are actually Bishops. Since we are unsure if they are actually bishops, we do not consider removal from their dioceses to be Episcopal abortions. If at a later date it can be shown that these Bishops have brain function or a conscience, we will gladly re-open this matter.