In one of the most ridiculous segments to air on “Good Morning America,” reporter Bianna Golodryga worried that the unusually high gas prices could lead to poor health, less church and no Christmas. Holy Cow.

On Monday’s program, Golodryga warned viewers that she’s heard “reports” that “some people are foregoing routine visits to the doctor and are opting for cheaper foods, like pasta and peanut butter, as opposed to protein, fruits and vegetables, in order that they can save as much money as possible” at the pump.

The reporter also managed to find Juan Martinez of Phoenix, Arizona. According to Golodryga, the spike in prices has taken “a toll on the family’s relationship with God.” It seems as though the Martinez clan is cutting back on religious attendance due to the 40 mile journey trek to their church. (I could probably find a Tridentine Mass closer than that) Additionally, GMA featured footage of Golodryga shopping with Martinez as she lamented, “…Even holiday gift shopping won’t be the same.” Apparently, there will be less Christmas presents this year.

So the Middle East is preventing people from going to church and making Jesus birthday less fun. THE TERRORISTS ARE WINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (H/T