I have great affection for Franciscan University at Steubenville. However I feel compelled to ask, is this what passes for liturgy at the university. Oy!

Pope St. Pius X over at the blog Totus Pius (A great concept blog!) asks

One of the greatest benefits of a liberal education is refinement of taste and an appreciation for that which is true, good, and beautiful. The fact that these college students are reveling in gatherings such as the ones shown above says a lot about the education one receives at Steubenville. A minimal knowledge of theology and philosophy is enough to see the separation of faith and reason in the aforementioned video. A minimal knowledge of music is enough for one to know that what is being played in the video has little to no artistic merit.

If Catholic students are graduating from this university and see these liturgies as representative of their faith, there are much deeper problems that subjective sentiments and childish attachments to emotional music– somebody is not being educated properly.

I am forced to agree. Here is the link to video.