A drugstore owned by the Catholic Church in the German city of Fulda is compelled to send clients asking for condoms to the competition down the road because of a clause in the rental agreement, says this newsy looking foreign website I’ve never heard of before.

“We’re not allowed to sell condoms, because the building belongs to the Catholic Church,” Monika Michel, the manager of the branch said Tuesday. The clause was completely out of keeping with the times, Michel said, but she acknowledged there was nothing she could do about it.

Out of keeping with the times. You gotta love that. I don’t even understand what that means. I guess it means that I’m not doing something a lot of people around me are saying and doing right now. It is a self declaration that I care more about fads than eternal truths.

Thankfully, the Catholic bishop in the city, situated in the state of Hesse, was unapologetic when asked about the condom sales. “I don’t see anything strange in this. The church can’t reject mechanical contraception on the one hand and on the other tolerate having condoms sold in a building belonging to the church,” the bishop’s spokesman, Christof Ohnesorg, said.

The condomless drugstore provides an amusing anecdote for the local tour guides, who stop for their customers to take photographs. So now the Catholic Church is an amusing anecdote? We are an anachronism.

But guess what? I know that fads change. And at some point in the future holiness will come back in vogue. God will be cool. Don’t know when. Don’t know how. But I don’t have to.