Everything to Democrats is moral except for the one issue that’s not. The left portrays everything except abortion as a choice between good and evil. Any mention of abortion opens you to accusations of forcing your morality on others. But it is the left which forces their version of morality upon the country.

Taxes – The poor and middle class are suffering and the rich are simply raking in money off the backs of the poor.

Iraq -The war is “an unjust war.” America is an invasionary and imperializing force.

Capital Punishment – Absolute adherence to life, no matter what crime.

Immigration – There are no illegal persons. They’re just people who are being discriminated against by racists.

Gay Marriage – Who could possibly oppose two people being in love?

So much of every policy issue for the left seems to be motivated by a moral imperative. The left complains of the religious right’s moralizing while the left itself is a moralizing secular force that demonizes its political opponents as amoral money-grabbers who want to tell women what to do with their bodies.

In this political season, the left has made headlines as the party attempting to make inroads with the religious of America. They say they’re learning the language of religion as if the right combination of words will unlock the key to the religious right’s votes. But until they speak to the basic underpinning of Christianity which is human dignity and the right to life I think their message will be largely ignored.