I like feel-good movies. Sue me. I also like movies that don’t assume all Christians are either lunatics, secret albino monks, or racist homophobes. Henry Poole definitely seems like the kind of movie I want to see.

Here’s the lead paragraph in a movie review of Henry Poole in Here from Christianity Today:

Henry Poole Is Here is a film that Christian moviegoers will yearn to embrace, if only from sheer gratitude; here, at last, is a depiction of Christian faith that portrays it as something other than the domain of cranks and loonies. And it’s not just theological theory that wins the film’s blessing, but something more substantive, verging on shocking: it proposes that miracles can happen—and supplies an audacious one for our consideration.

The story takes place when a depressed and dying man movies into a house only to be bothered by people sneaking into his backyard to see a discolored patch of stucco that may or may not be the face of Jesus. At first, he’s mad. And then…things change. Big time. People’s lives change and a miracle may occur.

I’m excited to see a nice movie that doesn’t treat my faith as a punchline. Now I may have to glue my children to the wall in order to get out for a few hours but if I do get out I’ll let you know what I think. Anyone have any glue?