According to the Norwich Bulletin, the Rev. James Martin says humor is good for the Catholic soul.

Now we here at CMR are often accused of taking things too lightly. But we take our silliness very seriously. As the sign up top says, “We laugh because we believe.” Believe me when I say that if we didn’t believe, Patrick would be absolutely insufferable. (If Pat’s reading this, I’m just kidding. If not, I actually meant that.)

But here are the ten reasons Fr. James Martin believes laughter can lead to holiness. In short, we’re taking this as a full-throated endorsement from Fr. Martin:

1: Humor and joy are a way to evangelize. “They show you have faith in God, and are living your own vocation joyfully.”

2: Humor is a tool for humility. “It helps deflate the ego.”

3: Humor shocks listeners into recognizing reality. “It speaks truth to power.”

4: Humor can express Christian courage.

5: It deepens our relationship with God. As with a personal relationship, “can you allow God to be playful with you?”

6: Humor welcomes others.

7: It’s healing. “Laughter can be a break from difficult times.”

8: It fosters good relations in our work.

9: Humor opens our minds. “And helps get the message across.”

10: And it’s just plain fun. “A foretaste of Heaven.”