I must say, I have never seen anything quite like it. Palin Derangement Syndrome has forced a number of reporters absolutely over the edge, jettisoning all pretense of neutrality in an all out and odious effort to destroy the Palin candidacy. Admittedly, we have seen several variants of derangement syndrome before, but I cannot recall this disease ever progressing so quickly. It seems that female reporters are particularly susceptible.

Why, why this absolute and immediate hatred of an obviously accomplished woman? What is a the root of it? What is all about? The answer is very simple. Abortion. If the McCain /Palin ticket is successful, this ardently pro-life woman from Alaska will be a major force in national politics for the future and that puts in serious jeopardy the agenda of the abortion on demand lobby.

Sheila Liaugminas put in very well:

What’s really at issue here in the campaign against Sarah Palin is that she’s a strong pro-life woman in an executive position, who is now a candidate for the White House. It’s all about abortion.

In the first day of Sarah Palin’s announcement, she was already being called “the most ferocious anti-choice candidate” by a guest on a PBS news show. Which has been the refrain ever since.

And their desperate campaign to keep it enforced is fueling the rhetoric in this campaign. The White House is only the most visible goal. It’s really who controls courts and judges.

In order to protect abortion on demand, any and all smears leveled at Palin are justified in their minds. Many of these reporters are claiming that Palin is such a surprise pick that all they are really doing is vetting the candidate in a way that McCain didn’t. Nonsense.

First, the fact that Palin was such a surprise to the Ordinary Ministers of the Media just illustrates how poor a group of reporters they mostly are. Conservative blogs, websites, and publications had been pushing her potential candidacy for some time. This fact was obviously never brought up at their elite cocktail parties, but it was out there for any reporter who cared to look. Secondly, they haven’t found anything that harms the candidate in any way. The media dragging her daughter through the muck says much more about the media than it does Palin. So this line of justification is simply a lie.

These attacks are about one thing only. Abortion. That is the lens through which they see everything. Anything that threatens the status quo on abortion must be opposed by all measures. All measures.

Bu this is not just unreasoned liberal hyperventilation. No. The liberal Democrats, their cohorts in the media, and the abortion lobby understand very well that their time is now. They may not get another chance. They either knock her out in the next 30-60 days or she will be a prominent national figure for years to come. And that is if she loses in November. If McCain-Palin win, she will be the first female VP in history and an unstoppable political force when her time comes in 2012 or 2016.

Sarah Palin with her views, her style, her life story, her witness, and her prominence is potentially the greatest threat to the abortion regime they have ever encountered. You know it. I know it. Their reaction to her only serves to show that they know it too.