According to Zogby, The McCain/Palin ticket wins 49.7% support, compared to 45.9% backing for the Obama/Biden ticket. That’s big news.

But I found something even more interesting in the swing of the Catholic vote in this survey towards McCain and away from Obama, a former community organizer.

Pollster John Zogby writes: “Clearly, Palin is helping the McCain ticket. She has high favorability numbers, and has unified the Republican Party. The striking thing here in this poll is that McCain has pulled ahead among Catholics by double-digits. On the other hand, Palin is not helping with likely voting women who are not aligned with either political party. The undecided independent women voters decreased this week from 15% to 7%, but those women went to Obama.

I haven’t been able to study the cross tabs on this to find out the actual numbers but I found this of interest as the Catholic vote has been much discussed this election year. I will keep looking for the numbers.

Somewhere, I know, Doug Kmiec is spitting out his coffee this morning into his copy of the New York Times.

I don’t know exactly why this happened-the swing of the vote, not the coffee thing. But the funny thing is that the media thought religious types would run from Palin when it was discovered that her 17 year old daughter was not perfect. It seems that once again the media showed they don’t understand us at all.

Any thoughts as to why this swing might have happened?