Everyone once in a while you read a bid of punditry that makes you yell at the computer screen, YES! YES! Why doesn’t everybody see this??

I had one of those moments today when I read the Anchoress when she wrote this:

The GOP, for the GOP Punditry and the GOP ticket all keep acting like the political and media rules today are the same rules by which the games were played 50 years ago, and that if they just sit on the curb saying, “hey, guys, play fair! Hey guys, here’s the rulebook, play fair!” the left and the press will suddenly pull back and say, “hey, wow, you’re right! We haven’t been holding to the precepts of honest governance or ethical journalism! Thanks for pointing that out, and by Jove, we’re going to do better! We’re going to stop lying about Sarah Palin and those rape kits! We’re going to go ahead and ask those questions about Bill Ayers and we’re going to report on those Obama’s questionable tolerance of free speech! We’re going to demand for accountability from the Democrats and even be fair once in a while!

It’s not going to happen. It’s time for the GOP and people on the right to realize that – for now – the rules have changed. There is a whole ‘nother rulebook being used, and sitting around flapping the old rule book and whining “c’mon, guys, c’mmmmmmon,” is not going to get the game back on track.

John McCain needs to realize it today. So does Palin. We need to recognise it and begin to compete under these new rules, or just concede the game. John McCain needs to stop trying to act like a referee and start acting like the quarterback.

Exactly! Stop trying to be a mediator and stop complaining about the tactics of the left. Be the Quaterback and not just any quarterback, be a Phil Simms kind of quarterback. Sure, you have taken more than your fair share of hits in the game and there is blood on your jersey (mostly your own) but don’t worry about that right now. It is two minute offense time and the game is still within reach.

Now listen to me, there is only a month to go. There is no more time to sell the American public on who you are and your story. They either know it by now or don’t care. Forget about selling yourself, you need to focus all your efforts on making sure that everyone knows why electing Obama is a really terrible idea. The ammunition is there, Obama has been leaving it all over the place and youare ignoring it all thinking that we can just talk this out like reasonable people. The time for that tactic is over. Pick up the ammo, lock, load, and come out blazing.

Mr. McCain, you can still win this, but only if you listen to the Anchoress and stop playing referee. You are the quarterback and there is two minutes left in the game. A real leader knows how to win the big games, this is your turn to show what you can do. Get it done.

P.S. Read the entire Anchoress piece.