According to Capital News 9, a man asked off Sundays from his job from Sam’s Club, owned by Wal Mart.

Meet John F. Kennedy, who got a job in March of 2007 with Sam’s Club. All he wanted was Sundays off so he could attend Roman Catholic Mass as he’s done since childhood.

I take care of an elderly retired brother for rides to and from church and he’s also a devout Roman Catholic.,” Kennedy said.

But as time went on, he says he found himself having to work the one day a week he wanted off for church.

“They basically insinuated if I didn’t work those days, they would dismiss me,” Kennedy said.

“Fire you?” our reporter asked.

“Yes,” Kennedy replied.

The guy is suing for major major bucks which seems a little silly but I think the issue is a real one.

It seems to me, however, that he probably should’ve brought the issue up when he was first hired. But in a general sense I think companies should probably try their darnedest to allow their workers off to go to church, synagogue or wherever. We’re a long way from the movie Chariots of Fire where the runner wouldn’t run on Sunday. As less and less people are serious about their faith, companies, I believe, will become less tolerant of religious observation requests.

Hey congratulate me, I got through that whole post without doing some sort of awful pun with the guy’s name. No “Ask not what Wal-Mart can do for you” or nothing. I was very self restrained.