This morning I stepped out onto my front lawn to find my McCain/Palin sign torn from the ground, crumpled and tossed. I went over, picked it up, straightened out the sticks, and put it back up.

While driving the kids to school I noticed the same had happened to a few of my neighbors. Oddly, the few Obama signs I saw were left standing. What an odd trajectory for a storm, right?

So after I dropped the kids off I stopped at my neighbors’ house and picked up their McCain signs.

This seems to be happening all over. I guess it happens every election but I’ve seen it more this cycle.

Recently, I was volunteering at the local McCain office and was speaking to this little old lady who was also volunteering. She told me the signs in front of her house had been savaged or stolen three times. And then she started laughing quietly. “But I’ve got the answer,” she said.

She now puts the signs in the poison ivy bush in front of her house. “If they try it again I’ll know ’em by their scratching,” she laughed.