This is a report from small town Pennsylvania where we’re bitter and cling to our guns and religion:
At Mass yesterday our priest talked about abortion and the election. That never happens. I think once before in my entire life did I hear a priest talk about abortion and how it should affect our vote. The priest during his homily stated plainly that as Catholics we should be voting for the culture of life. We said a special prayer to stop abortion in the country as well. The Church was very solemn for those few moments.

When I came out to my car there was a pro-life brochure in the windshield asking us to vote to stop abortion. There were some graphic pictures in the brochure. At first I recoiled but then I thought that this is the truth of what’s happening. We can’t be afraid to talk about it.

And last night, I received a call from a friend who lives about ten miles away from me. He said that at Mass his priest spoke in no uncertain terms that abortion was “evil” and must be stopped. He spoke of “duty” and “responsibility.” He didn’t roar but he spoke firmly. He told them to remember this on election day. As he finished the priest stared out at the congregation for a few lingering moments to let it sink in. And then it started. Someone in back started clapping his hands. And soon the entire church echoed with the applause.

“It was absolutely amazing,” said my friend. “And I couldn’t help but think, ‘Finally!’

I’ve been hearing this a lot lately. Many people are thrilled how the priests and bishops are speaking out and in one voice on this most important issue. Now, I wonder how much it will affect tomorrow.