You know how Saturday Night Live has mocked and demeaned Sarah Palin every Saturday for months, well last week in one sketch they also mocked uber-liberal talk show host Keith Olbermann. Well no sooner was the sketch done when Ben Affleck ran down the hall to offer a sycophantic apology to the lunatic on MSNBC.

According to NRO’s Media Blog, Olbermann told Time Magazine:

SNL and my Football Night In America show share adjoining studios, so upon my arrival yesterday, awaiting me was one of the cue cards from the bit, with Ben writing of the sketch: “Keith – Remember, a) I didn’t write this; b) it took years of study – fondly, Ben.”

Now, I’ve got to wonder if any of these liberal nincompoops ever apologized to Sarah Palin for their ridiculous and demeaning treatment of her. I doubt it.

Also, just a quick question. Can anyone remember one good joke made at Obama’s expense on that show? Just one?