This is the funniest thing, if only for its sheer stupidity, that I have seen today. Actually it’s the funniest thing I have seen in a while. This is a post from Jim Manzi over at NRO.

Game On [Jim Manzi]

OK, you lose some battles, but you fight on. It’s time to develop a conservative game plan for the next several years. I think, at the outset, that a wide variety of voices are essential.

Slate is hosting a two-day discussion of the conservative future among a polyglot group of right-of-center types: Tucker Carlson, Ross Douthat, Douglas W. Kmiec, Kathleen Parker, Christine Todd Whitman, and me.

Can you believe this? I thought it must be a joke until I clicked on the link. Carlson, Kmiec, and Parker discussing the future of Conservatism? Please stop, you’re killing me. The Christine Todd Whitman one threw me over the edge! Inadvertent comic genius!

In a similar vein, I am thinking of attending a few other conferences in the near future.

  • Jack Kevorkian Healthcare conference.
  • Amy Winehouse Sobriety conference.
  • Ahmadinijad Conference for Religious Understanding and Tolerance.
  • and lastly The John McCain “How to run a winning campaign Conference”

Please, Mr. Manzi et al. Spare us. On second thought, this conference may yet be instructive if Conservatives were to do the exact opposite of what these folks recommend.