– I’m not sure why Sarah Palin felt the need to do that interview about media bias. What does she gain from it? To those who don’t like her it will come across as whining. To those in the “I Heart Palin” chorus it only affirms what they already believed. No seasoned political consultant worth anything would’ve advised her to do that interview. However, it also may be exactly why so many people love Sarah. She’s real. She isn’t thinking of every move three steps ahead. She’s Sarah all the time and she says what she believes. That’s why even her missteps seem genuine and in this age of artifice, I think many of us are looking for someone real. She is the anti-Obama in many ways. While Obama is all teleprompter, Sarah is off the cuff. Obama is urbane while Sarah’s country.

– Obama is being quoted everywhere saying he will create a “recovery oversight board” and bring a long overdue sense of responsibility and accountability to Washington. The acronym is “ROB”? I hope he was just speaking off the cuff and they have a better name than that.

– Could you imagine CBS’s Harry Smith saying this to anybody not named Ann Coulter: “You should have a cross…You should put yourself up on a cross.”