No No No No No.

There have been rumors that the nonsensical non-historical legend of Pope Joan is being made into a movie. Blech.

IMDB shows that John Goodman is attached. I wasn’t able find other info but the latest as of a few months ago was that filming had begun in Germany. But apparently you do not have to wait until the movie comes out. If you live in California, just stop on by the Stella Adler Theater for their production of this persistent fiction. (not really)

Passion, piety, and the enticement of power sparks a once in a lifetime historic event. Based on the enduring account of a young scholar’s rise to the papacy, and brought to life by the original producer of HAIR on Broadway, this musical extravaganza unleashes one of the most controversial stories in the history of mankind. A cast of 26 professionals, an award winning team, and live music create this stunning premiere, for a limited run at the Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood.

Oh well, if it has some catchy little diddies, that makes it ok. It wasn’t bad enough when Barbra did this to the Jews and then flashed her girls at us, no. They had to rehash it for us. Thanks, but no thanks! Unless of course they got … Nevermind.

Anyway! Please go visit Patrick Madrid as he dispatches this nonsense as well as anyone could.