I’ve always said people from Texas were smart. And this proves it. Notice the crashing fireball from space in the sky? Now, instead of investigating it, the good people in the Austin area have obviously seen enough movies to know you don’t investigate it, you don’t wait twenty years to see if the son of Jor-El emerges wearing tights and a cape, you don’t wait until the alien oozes up your street with its raygun disseminating violence and destruction, and you don’t convene at the Piggly Wiggly to ask each other “What in the world is that thing?”

You run.

Massive fireball crashes in small town. You shoehorn the Reeboks on, pull up the shorts, and you run. Finally, a town got it right. Kudos to Texas.

That’s right, aliens. You can have the town…for now. But we’ll be back Red Dawn style. And then you’ll get what’s coming. Oh yeah. Wolverines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!