On CNN, GOP Chairman Michael Steele assented that the Republican Party looks like the Nazi party. Yeah, that’s right. The leader of the GOP sat there nodding his head while some brain dead CNN host called Republicans Nazis.

Well, to be fair he didn’t say Republicans were Nazis he just said we looked like Nazis. The host of the show, DL Hughley, said, “You didn’t have to go much further than the Republican National Convention….It literally look[s] like Nazi Germany.”

Hey, here’s an idea. When someone calls you a Nazi on television you have a few options:
A) Freak out, call them out for a fight, rip off your microphone, throw it at the cameraman, hurl invectives at the host, accuse their spouse of adultery and slam the door on your way out.
B) Say ‘that’s a brain dead argument that is beneath this fine program and ask to move on without name calling.’
C) Smile and nod and say “I agree” and “you’re right.”

Guess which one our fearless leader Michael Steele did. C.

Michael Steele has made a hallmark of his GOP Chairmanship, something he calls “reaching out.” Yeah, he’s reaching out. Reaching out like the white collar criminal reaches out to the sexually frustrated biker gang in gen-pop. That ain’t called reaching out though. It’s something else entirely.

Steele is accepting the tenets of the liberal argument that Republicans are the party of evil Nazi-dom. AND THIS GUY IS THE CHAIRMAN OF THE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Steele actually believes he has to change the party from a bunch of racist mouth breathers into a “hip-hop” party of acceptance. No. He’s wrong. What he needs to do is change the perception of the party. And you know what else he needs to do -raise money.

And guess what? Republicans other than Michael Steels don’t like being called Nazis. And donations from conservatives tend to go down when they see their leader assent to them being called Nazis.

The GOP is the party of ‘don’t kill babies.’ The GOP is the party of ‘let’s not grow this government too big because big governments tend to kill people.’ The GOP is the party of ‘don’t killed the disabled.’ People who belong to the GOP tend to be more religious and give more to charity. So when someone says the GOP is like the Nazi party, argue with them. Freak out. Turn over some furniture. But please don’t agree and nod your head.