Just got this from ND Response, the student led group against Obama being honored by Notre Dame. If you have any ability to get there, here’s the information:

Dear Supporters,

We told you it would be coming. Here it is! The first event of many.

ND Response has announced that it will lead a prayerful demonstration this Sunday at 2pm. The demonstration will take place on the steps of the Main Building of the University and will feature nationally-recognized attorney Harold Cassidy as keynote speaker. An official press release of the event is attached to this email.

Additional information on this demonstration can be found on the coalition’s website www.NDResponse.com .

Tell friends and anyone else you think would like to come! We need at least one thousand people here on Sunday.

ND Response welcomes to campus all those supporters who would like to respectively and constructively stand in defense of both the Catholic identity of this University and the fundamental moral principle of the sanctity of life.

In Notre Dame,

John D.
Media Coordinator
ND Response