Moments before his appearance on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Pastor Rick Warren canceled because he was “sick with exhaustion.” Heck, I’d be exhausted too doing all those back flips.

You see, Warren is exhausted because, I guess, twisting yourself into a metaphorical pretzel is not easy.

You see, Warren, a few nights ago, told Larry King, “I am not an anti-gay marriage activist. Never have been, never will be.”

And he made a point of saying that he apologized to his homosexual friends for comments he made in October to his church in support of Proposition 8 in California.

What? Now, Warren was clearly against gay marriage. There’s this video concerning Prop 8 from Warren to his flock which clearly shows he was against Prop 8:

Warren says in the video:

“Now let me just say this really clearly: We support Proposition 8 and if you believe what the Bible says about marriage, you need to support Proposition 8. I never support a candidate, but on moral issues, I come out very clear.”

Well. Not all that clear. Me thinks Warren is bending with the wind a wee bit. I think he’s a little embarrassed to be against gay marriage so he’s saying that he’s against it but he’s not…like…you know…all those wackjobs who are really really against it.

I think Rick Warren has to decide whether he wants to be a celebrity or a Christian.