According to Hot Air, The Albany Times Union, has a piece which we want to aknowledge as the best made up news since the rash of “Joe Biden is brilliant” stories after he was nominated for Vice President.

The story refers to ‘Baracking’ – a supposed new form of slang popular everywhere even though nobody has ever heard it used. The piece (surprise surprise!) highlights the coolness of Barack.

The Albany Union found that “What up, my Obama?” and “Barack’s in the White House now” (which means “cool it.”) are pervasive now in the culture. And just in case those weren’t stupid enough, they say the new slang response to someone sneezing is… “Barack you.”

But, these terms are either used only in Albany, Chris Matthew’s house, or just in newsrooms because nobody else has ever heard them.

But we here at The CMR School of Blogosphere Studies have discovered other slang terms bubbling up in the conservative blogoshpere referencing Barack Obama.

“I’m Baracking tonight” – A partying terms referring to a cavalier attitude about the cost of anything. A friendly way of announcing your intention to wildly overspend in a short period of time without any hope of ever paying the money back.

“I’m getting all Uhh-Bama” – Referring to the inability to express yourself coherently without having the words written out in front of you. Commonly heard after someone says, “uh, uhm or uhhh” or even “Hold on now. It’s coming,” many times repeatedly.

“I Gots My Cabinet” – Urban slang term referring to being surrounded by a loyal group of criminals, thugs, pimps, and tax cheats.

“Barack You” – We don’t really have to explain that one.

Disobamulate – (verb) Pontificating at length on subjects you are completely ignorant of.

“Who died and made you Obama?” – Referring to someone thinking they’re better than you.

“Baracking the Baby” – A slang term referring to avoiding being punished with a baby.

“Going off Prompter” – Used when someone is speaking incoherently, or in that golden phase of drunkenness where they inexplicably retain the ability to stumble around and make utterances but minutes before they pass out.

“I was born in Hawaii” – A sentence popularized by illegal aliens who when caught at the border mock the origins of the 44th President by claiming they too were born in the 50th state.

“Tea Party. What’s that?” – Slang for not caring about the actions or words of people you pretend not to notice. Often used by sixteen year old girls who are giving the silent treatment to others in the hallway.