Wow, have you seen the story front and center on Drudge? They have found a monkey that is the missing link. A transitional species. Macro evolution is proved. Case closed. Oh, and by the way, find out all about it by purchasing our documentary.

I am no scientist so I have no gauge by which to measure the veracity of their claims. But for me, this whole things gives me a whole “Jesus Ossuary” vibe. Big press conference to present lots of conclusions being derived from the re-discovery of a long lost find of which nobody previously understood the value. This is all timed, conveniently, with the release of a documentary about this amazing discovery!

As you may or may not know, in the case of the Jesus Ossuary (which proved the resurrection did not happen and which followed this exact same pattern) most of the science behind the conclusions proved to be bunk. Most of the scientists associated with the conclusion either recanted their testimony or claimed they were misquoted. But who cared at that point? By the time the story was debunked, they had drummed up all the publicity they wanted for their documentary, and nobody cared anymore if it was true.

Again, I am not a scientist, but the idea that human macro evolution is proved by the discovery of one fossil that is 95% lemur seems a stretch. Interesting, sure. Conclusive, I dunno. Seems that when conclusions are foregone, the bar for evidence is substantially lowered especially when profit is involved.

I have no issue with evolution, mind you. But I do have an issue with a sales pitch that pretends to be science. Is that the case here? Time will tell. To me, the whole things smells funny.