I don’t know this guy Mark Gietzen who is head of Kansas Coalition for Life and maybe he’s more wonderful than Mother Teresa and St. Francis put together but The New York Times quotes Mark Gietzen saying two of the stupidest things I’ve heard come out of a pro-lifers mouth in years.

Speaking of the varying opinions in the pro-life community concerning Dr. Tiller’s murder,:

Mr. Gietzen said, they were not of one mind about statements many groups here have issued condemning the killing of Dr. Tiller. “You can’t be pro-life and go around killing people, but some people are really mad at me for saying that,” he said.

Give me a break.

First off, congratulations to Mr. Gietzen on giving the New York Times the exact quote they wanted to make all pro-lifers not named Mark Gietzen look insane.

And if you, Mr. Gietzen, have people in your organization that are pretty cool with murdering people it seems to me that as the head of the group it’s your responsibility to oust them, not just tell reporters how brave you are for condemning murder.

Most likely he just set up a straw man so he could look big and tough knocking it down. Yeah sure, he essentially told the Times, the pro-life community is full of stark raving lunatics but not me. I’m against stark raving lunatics.

And then as if Mr. Gietzen hadn’t done enough damage, he drops in this idiotic comment at the end of the story. The Times asked him what would happen if Tiller’s abortion clinic reopened.

On Sunday, Mr. Gietzen said some of his more than 600 trained volunteers already were organized in shifts for a new week, in case visiting doctors were flown in.

“If it happened,” he said, “we’re going to act like the Minutemen and be there.”

Good one. Hey dude, you know who the Minutemen are? They were an armed militia that assembled quickly to kill invading enemies. Thanks Mr. Gietzen for your service to the unborn. Now shut up.