The Kansas City Royals rank either last or close to last every year in attendance. And this isn’t likely to help.

The Royals were supposed to host “Right to Life” Night at the ballpark when Missouri Right to Life bought up 300 tickets to a game last week as a fundraiser. The Royals put up a link on their website to encourage people to buy tickets to “Right to life” night. And the link which read “come cheer on the Royals as they play the St. Louis Cardinals and support the Missouri Right to Life” was getting clicks and selling tickets but then…someone was offended! Someone from the office of some stupid state senator (Missouri State Senator Jolie Justus) called to complain.

And the Royals buckled and removed the link from their website.

The Pitch reports:

A story appearing on the Christian Web site Baptist Press on Friday said Missouri Right to Life felt like the Royals had discriminated against them by removing their link.

“I think we feel discriminated against,” the story quotes Missouri Right to Life’s legislative liaison Susan Klein. “It seems like pro-abortion people are controlling the Royals.”

There’s more. Missouri Right to Life bought 300 tickets to the game as part of a fundraiser. According to the Baptist Press story, Missouri Right to Life had sold 58 tickets through the Royals site’s link before it was removed.

“We’re a group of people trying to attend a ball game who happen to be pro-life,” Klein said, according to the Press story.

The stupid reporter who wrote the story said it was too soon after Dr. George Tiller was killed. Yeah, cause that makes sense.

You know what though. In the end I’m actually most surprised that the Royals allowed “Right to Life” day in the first place. Isn’t that sad that that’s what surprises me?

So Planned Parenthood can receive millions in government funding and advertise everywhere but pro-lifers need to stay silent and not show their face in public.