Allow me to make myself clear. I despise Florida football. Not just Florida University’s football program. The whole state. Any football team that takes on a Florida team is my favorite team that day. When two Florida teams take one another on, I’m rooting for some kind of natural disaster.

However. This kid Tim Tebow, who may be the best college quarterback in decades, is impossible not to like. And now this? Tim Tebow doesn’t know this but he’s making my life a bit more difficult. Why can’t he get thrown in prison or violate some NCAA rules like all the other kids in Florida schools.

Anyway, Tim Tebow, is asked if he’s saving himself for marriage and the answer surprised the reporters a bit. Check it out, if only for the reporters’ reaction.

And it gets better from there. Lifesite News reports:

It wasn’t the only controversial remark that Tebow made that day. In response to another question about whether or not people may be tired of the volume of coverage devoted to the young football star, Tebow, a devout Christian, said that the level of exposure he receives is a mixed blessing. However, he said, he looks at the positive side that, thanks to his fame, he has been able to share his Christian faith with so many people.

In addition, the football star told the reporters that he believes that the publicity given to his mother’s story has helped other women choose not to abort their unborn children. Tebow’s mother, who serves as a Christian missionary together with her husband, was pressured to abort Tebow following a life-threatening infection she suffered while pregnant with him. Doctors pressured her to abort her son to save her own life, but she ultimately resisted the pressure and both mother and child survived the birth.

“There has been a lot of people that have been encouraged not to have an abortion because they heard the story of my mom, or they have been encouraged because they have heard me give my faith on TV or in a report or something,” said Tebow.

“You know what, although there has been a backlash, oh, well. You know what, I’ll deal with it if I have to. It’s not a big deal to me because of the kids and people that have been encouraged by the stories we have tried to tell and by the life that I’ve tried to live.”

Growing up Tebow would often help his parents with their Christian mission work in the Philippines. He was homeschooled by his mother, who instilled in her children strong Christian values.

Tebow was the first home-schooled athlete to be nominated for the Heisman Trophy. “That’s really cool,” he said at the time. “A lot of times people have this stereotype of homeschoolers as not very athletic – it’s like, go win a spelling bee or something like that – it’s an honor for me to be the first one to do that.”

How do you not like this kid? I’ll find a way. Oh yes. I’ll find a way.