Thousands of honor killings occur every year, according to the United Nations. They go largely ignored by the mainstream media. But a recent case is putting honor killings in the public eye for the first time. American Thinker writes about a young woman who is living in fear of being murdered by her father because of her conversion to Christianity. American Thinker has more:

The unassuming and previously unknown Rifqa Bary, has now become, arguably, America’s most conspicuous apostate from Islam to Christianity. Truncated, grossly warped media depictions of her plight demonstrate that the American chattering classes remain stubbornly unwilling to even acknowledge, let alone confront Islam’s malevolent doctrinal intolerance, ignoring Magdi Allam’s plaintive appeal.

Rifqa Bary is a 17 year-old Sri Lankan native who was living in New Albany, Ohio (a suburb of Columbus) until recent dramatic events precipitated her flight to Orlando, Florida. An excellent student and High School cheerleader, Rifqa apostasized from Islam, clandestinely practicing Christianity for some 4-years by her account. Hard evidence, i.e., a FaceBook webpage captured by Pamela Geller — consistently ignored by the media, including Fox News — clearly documents that she was a professing Christian over two years ago, at any rate.

Here’s a video of the girl explaining her fears: