President Obama and his pro-abortion acolytes often say things like “I believe that most women don’t make that (abortion) decision lightly.”

Can we just be done with that one? Really.

A recent study discussed at LifeSite by the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute shows that over 1 billion abortions have occurred worldwide all while liberals absurdly insist that nobody is actually pro-abortion and that all women take this procedure very seriously. I’m thinking that after 1 Billion we can say abortion is considered with similar weight as the decision on whether or not to get a Big Mac. (Except liberals are actually against Big Macs.)

Look, when something reaches 1 Billion customers, it usually comes in a drive-thru.

I know we’re all supposed to pretend that women who carelessly jump from bed to bed to the back seat of a Pontiac all of a sudden become thoughtful and pensive moralists when it comes to abortion. But let’s just say it. If women take the decision to have sex with someone they don’t love lightly they’re likely going to take the abortion decision lightly too. The one thing kind of leads to the other, you know? I looked it up. (Don’t worry. There were no pictures)

The funny thing is that pro-aborts get mad when you call them pro-aborts. They demand to be called pro-choice. They say nobody’s pro-abortion. Really? Even the quite profitable abortion industry? That’s like saying McDonald’s is actually against people eating fatty foods, they just firmly believe in giving people the choice to eat fatty foods.

Could you imagine a Mcdonald’s spokesperson saying, “While we agree that eating a Big Mac or one of our tasty McRibs is always regrettable decision we must insist that Big Macs should be safe, legal and rare.”

That would be rather absurd, wouldn’t it? Well, it’s just as absurd when the pro-aborts say it too.