First the funny part. While CBS attempts to glorify late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart in a recent news piece, unfortunately their incompetence tripped them up. CBS mistakenly indicates that Carhart admits he’s probably going to hell. They write:

“Is Dr. Carhart going to hell?” Axelrod asked.

“I don’t know,” Carhart said. “It does not look good.”

The reporter was actually quoting a pro-life activist but CBS mistakenly wrote that Carhart himself said it.

But let’s give mad props to CBS which made a big leap in order to be fair to both sides of the debate. You’re gonna’ love this. About pro-lifers they make this grand assertion:

While not all of his strongest critics condone violence, Carhart is nothing short than evil to them, even if what he is doing is perfectly legal.”

Firstly, never mind that the sentence makes no sense. But CBS really lays it on the line there in order to be fair and objective, huh? They admit that “not all” pro-lifers are murdering psychopaths. Hey, you’d never know that from watching NBC.

But now I’ll bring in the sickening. Mostly the piece talks about how poor Carhart is always concerned about his safety and how he travels to work taking different routes. And how he believes in the rightness of his cause.

Carhart performs about 3,500 abortions per year. Sickening.

But the piece gets really sick when it gives a real life example of the situation surrounding a late term abortion..

Carhart says half the abortions he performs between the 22nd and 28th week are due to fetal health issues. The other half are for the mother’s mental health. After the 28th week, 90 percent of the abortions he performs are for fetal health.

Women like Sue, an unmarried 28-year-old mother of three, come from around the country. She’s somewhere between 21 and 23 weeks pregnant. She’s aborting because she put her last baby up for adoption and had a nervous breakdown. She waited so long because she didn’t have the money.

“At this point this is the easier decision for me,” Sue told Axelrod. “That may sound selfish to a lot of people, but I am having a lot of complications that aren’t good for my health.”

“Which I think is probably a rational choice on her part,” Carhart told Axelrod.

“A rational choice?” Axelrod asked.

“Yes; I mean she went through it,” Carhart said. “She already knows the amount of trauma she went through with the last child.

“So you wouldn’t have any problem performing an abortion on her?” Axelrod asked.

“No, certainly not at 21 weeks,” Carhart said.

The poor thing had to save up her money to kill her baby. I guess we all know that’s she’s hoping for abortion coverage in the Obamacare as a nice fat Christmas present. Ya’ know. For her next abortion.