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You’ve got to check this out. This guy is unbelievable. Obama discusses the true meaning of Christmas:David Brody of CBN has the source video and the transcript. We have excerpted the relevant part here.

Leave it to The Brody File to bring you the transcription of President Obama talking about Christmas and baby Jesus. he made the following remarks at The Boys and Girls Club in Washington DC Monday afternoon. I’d be curious about your comments. Video is below as well ( go about 12 minutes in or so) or go to this link.

THE PRESIDENT: I think one thing that’s important to remember is that, even though there’s a lot of fun at Christmas, you know, you got — especially when it’s snowy like this, so it’s pretty outside, you got the Christmas tree, you got the Christmas cookies, you’ve got presents. You know, I think that the most important thing is just to remember why we celebrate Christmas.

CHILD: I know!

THE PRESIDENT: Do you know?

CHILD: The birth of baby Jesus.

THE PRESIDENT: The birth of baby Jesus, and what he symbolizes for people all around the world is the possibility of peace and people treating each other with respect. And so I just hope that spirit of giving that’s so important at Christmas, I hope all of you guys remember that as well. You know, it’s not just about getting gifts but it’s also doing something for other people. So being nice to your mom and dad and grandma and aunties and showing respect to people — that’s really important too, that’s part of the Christmas spirit, don’t you think? Do you agree with me?


THE PRESIDENT: You do? Do you have an interesting observation?

CHILD: I know why we give gifts to other people.

THE PRESIDENT: Why is that?

CHILD: Because the three wise men gave gifts to baby Jesus.

THE PRESIDENT: That’s exactly right. But the three wise men — the reason — (sign falls off wall) — uh-oh, I thought that was the cookies going down. We couldn’t have that. You know, the three wise men, if you think about it, here are these guys, they have all this money, they’ve got all this wealth and power, and yet they took a long trip to a manger just to see a little baby. And it just shows you that just because you’re powerful or you’re wealthy, that’s not what’s important. What’s important is what’s — the kind of spirit you have.

So I hope everybody has a spirit of kindness and thoughtfulness, and everybody is really thinking about how can they do for other people — treating them well, because that’s really the spirit of Christmas.

So no mention of Jesus’ divinity and the three wise men are important because it’s a good ol’ ‘soak the rich’ story. But in Obama’s story weren’t the wise men punished with a baby.