OK. We’ve all had it happen. We’re talking with a woman who all of a sudden does what we fear most and reaches into the depth of her pocketbook and whips out the pictures of her pride and joy. And she’s gonna’ tell you all about little Mr. Wonderful. You just know the next few minutes of your life will be spent oohing and aahing and forcing the edges of your mouth to reach your ears.

Well, you could do that which is what pretty much every human on the face of the earth does OR you could completely freak out and contact some high price attorney to pen some litigious threats or a cease and desist order to force the proud Mom to shut the Mom up. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking you’d never be so sick and demented as that. Well that’s why you’re not the President of the Center for Reproductive Rights.

Seriously, the President of CRR is losing it because Tim Tebow’s mom wants to tell the world she chose life and her son turned out to be…awesome squared.

That’s all. She’s not pushing a law. She’s not forcing anyone to do anything. She just wants to tell the world that she chose life and her son turned out to be a Heisman/National Championship factory with 4.40 speed.

The CRR tried to first say the ad, which they haven’t even seen yet, is too controversial. Yeah, a mom saying that you should love your unborn baby even though your kid probably won’t break every record in NCAA football history because her kid already did that but your kid might be pretty cool anyway is soooooo controversial.

But that didn’t work. So now the CRR folks have taken to calling Tim Tebow’s mom a lyin’ you know what. I’m serious.

In possibly the lowest move by pro-choicers (at least in the last few hours), Nancy Northup, President Center for Reproductive Rights, is attempting to silence Florida QB Tim Tebow by accusing his mother of lying about the circumstances surrounding his birth.

In a letter to CBS, which is airing the Superbowl, Northup wrote:

We are writing to request that CBS reconsider its decision to air an advertisement by the anti-choice group Focus on the Family, featuring Pam and Timothy Tebow during Super Bowl XLIV…

We believe it is essential that you determine whether the proposed Tebow advertisement meets CBS’s own standards with regard to accuracy and advocacy…

Past media coverage of the Tebows suggests that the ad may present a misleading picture of the reality of abortion in the Philippines. In 2007, the Gainsville Sun reported that Pam Tebow was living and working as a missionary in the Philippines in 1987 when she was pregnant with her son Tim. According to the Sun story, doctors encouraged Mrs. Tebow to terminate her pregnancy because she had suffered a medical condition that endangered her health and the pregnancy…

Because of these draconian and discriminatory laws and practices, women with life- threatening pregnancies have had no choice but to risk their lives, either by continuing their high-risk pregnancies or seeking unsafe abortions. In 2008 alone, at least 1000 women died, and 90,000 more suffered complications, as a result of the Philippines’ criminal abortion ban.

Given this context, it raises questions about whether physicians in the Philippines would have urged a married pregnant woman to illegally terminate her pregnancy in 1987…

There is still time before February 7 to reconsider your action and we urge you to do so.

Let’s get this straight. The Center for Reproductive Rights is calling Tim Tebow’s mother a liar because she’s saying that an abortion was recommended to her in a country where abortion is illegal.

Are these people so insane that they can’t believe a woman turned down an abortion? I know. I know. With all the fringe benefits of abortion including a lifetime of guilt, depression, higher risk of suicide, increased chance of infertility and cancer who could say no to an abortion, right?

And CRR’s logic falls apart in that aren’t they the same ones who say if you make abortion illegal, the same number of abortions would still occur but they’ll be performed illegally and dangerously? In one of their own documents they say, “The Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade all but ended the back-alley and self-induced abortions that once killed hundreds if not thousands of women each year.”

But wait?! Abortion was illegal in this country before that, right? So how did all those women die? So, I guess, abortions still take place even when it’s illegal, huh? I mean, did they not see Vera Drake?

I can’t wait for these folks to really start freaking out as the Super Bowl approaches. I wish they’d make them the halftime show.

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