Are we not a Republic? I was pretty bad in school but I seem to remember some kind of talk by my second grade teacher right before recess. It went something like…”blah blah blah…we have three co-equal branches of government….blah blah blah.”

But I’m starting to think my second grade teacher was lying. Not about the blah blah blah part but the coequal branches thing. I’ve learned that it’s a judge’s world and we’re just breathing their air.

Get this. The Illinois legislature passed a parental notification law for girls under 18 seeking an abortion but it’s never been enforced due to all sorts and manner of legal shenanigans. Guess when they passed it? 1995. That’s fifteen years ago for those who didn’t pay attention in math.

And now this week some lunatic wacko judge in Cook County decided to postpone the law’s enforcement even further by tossing out a lawsuit aimed at stopping the madness surrounding this law. Why? He doesn’t like the law.

Sun Times reports:

A Cook County judge today tossed out a lawsuit that aimed to, once and for all, kill the state’s long-mothballed law requiring parents to be notified before a teenage girl can get an abortion.

But in his complicated ruling, Cook County Judge Daniel A. Riley kept in place a ban on enforcing the new law, arguing that while the lawsuit is flawed — so, too, is the law itself.

“The law in question is a rather unfortunate piece of legislation,” Riley said in a brief, noon-hour hearing. “It’s likely to cause more harm than good.”

Uh dude. On the list of people who care what you think about the bill is you…and that’s about it. Seriously, who cares what this idiot thinks of the bill? The legislature passed it fifteen years ago. Something like 40 other states have similar laws but Illinois’ judges keep finding reasons to postpone enforcement.

But the judge knew that he couldn’t just say that he didn’t like the law and he had to make up some lawyery sounding reason for not liking it. But what he said as the reason is so backwards and crazy that I had to read it twice to believe I was reading it right.

He argues that the law wouldn’t treat pregnant girls equally:

Riley explained the law discriminates against a class of minors who are pregnant, in that those who are seeking an abortion must get parental notification but those who choose to have a child or even to adopt don’t have the same requirement.

What? So he’s saying that teenage girls would need parental notification in order to keep the baby – just to make it fair. So to this clown there’s no difference between keeping the child, adopting the child, and having some doctor with a medical degree from Tijuana tear the baby apart limb from limb.

Are those all equal decisions? Really?

These pro-aborts will do whatever they can to ensure that Big Abortion keeps taking in the big bucks. They don’t care about laws. They don’t care about our system of government. They are zealots. Fanatics. And they are destroying this country.