When worship becomes whatever you want it to be, there really are no limits to the silliness that ensues.

City Harvest is a large non-denominational Church in Singapore. Its founder, Kong Hee, has a huge TV presence too. The Church’s website refers to Kong’s “relevant style.”

If this is what counts for relevant, count me out.

(Give it a minute to get to the real silliness)

When you compose praise songs to the tune of a Lady Ga-Ga song, may I humbly suggest that it is time to re-evaluate the whole enterprise. Jesus does not need Lady Ga-Ga to be relevant I am quite sure.

We have our problems for sure, but boy am I glad I am Catholic.

By the way, please nobody send this to the organizers of the Los Angeles Religious Education conference or else this will be next year’s opening act.

Mum’s the word.

Thanks to Carina!