This is likely the most callous thing you’ll read today.

The Gothamist:

The 18-year-old who was allegedly high on Oxycontin and Xanax when she drove a passenger van into a Hempstead, Long Island home, fatally striking the home’s owner, was hysterical when taken out of the police station yesterday. Kayla Gerdes screamed to reporters, “No, I didn’t [purposely aim for her.] Listen, stop — listen, it was an accident! Please leave me, alone it was a mistake! Stop it was a mistake! No, I was on prescription drugs, it was a mistake! Stop! Leave me alone!” (Video below.) But she reportedly told police investigators, “The thing that made me feel not so bad was she was old,” referring to victim Rebecca Twine-Wright, “I mean, 70 years is a long time to live.”
Twine-Wright, a 69-year-old retired doctor, had been gardening when a van allegedly driven by Gerdes jumped a curb and barreled into her.

Tell me the truth. Is it any surprise that this would be said with the culture the way it is today?