At the risk of redundancy, President Evo Morales of Bolivia is a socialist and a jerk.

Invited to an audience with the Pope as a courtesy to a head of state, the socialist twerp decided to lecture the pope and advocate heresy.

Pope Benedict XVI received President Evo Morales of Bolivia at a 25 minute meeting at the Vatican on May 17. The Bolivian leader expressed his “concern” over the “difficulties” now assailing the Catholic Church. Morales suggested to the leader of the world’s Catholics that he should “abolish celibacy” for priests and also allow women to serve as priests.

Apparently not content to offer advice to the pope in private, Morales repeated his advice to the pope which he conveyed as “member of the base” of the Catholic Church rather than as chief of state. In his first private meeting with the pope, Morales handed the pontiff a letter expressing his concerns for the church and offering suggestions. “It was my mother who, when I was very young, who told me to close my eyes and bow my head when praying, thinking about the life lessons of the ‘Our Father’ and ‘Hail Mary,” wrote the Bolivian president to the pope. He encouraged the pope to do everything he can to “overcome the crisis in the Church, which as you have said, is wounded by sin.”

“Therefore,” wrote Morales, “it is necessary to democratize and humanize its clerical structure” so that “women may have the same opportunities as men to openly exercise the priesthood.” In addition, wrote Morales, “like Jesus, who became a men to be amongst us and understand us better, the Church should not deny such a fundamental part of our nature as human beings and must abolish celibacy.” According to Morales, “there would be therefore few sons and daughters unclaimed by their fathers, and we could therefore be sincere about reality.” Morales also called for protection of children to prevent their abuse by clergy. The Bolivian closed his letter by saying that he was certain that the pope would evaluate “wisely these proposals which humbly attempt to close the wounds of our Church.”

Evo, you see, is very concerned about cleibacy leading men to not claim their children. Ahem. Evo should know as he fathered a child that he refused to claim until the mother filed suit and he finally acknowledged his child. I am quite sure that a vow of celibacy was not involved.

Now this marxist moron wants to lecture the Pope. The Pope should have excommunicated him on the spot. That would have gotten the pinko punk’s attention.