Remember the Jesus Seminar? They were those scholars who voted away all of Jesus’ miracles and much of what He said because it didn’t seem plausible to them. You know, things like the resurrection and that kind of weird stuff. They voted on whether they thought Jesus REALLY said that or did that. Pretty much, miracles and all that oogedy-boogedy stuff were scorned.

One of the more well known books coming out of the seminar was the infamously color-coded “The Five Gospels,” which had its own translations of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John from the New Testament but they also threw in the Gospel of Thomas for good measure. Jesus’ sayings appeared in red ink if the seminar deemed them historically reliable, pink if they were maybe a teensy bit reliable, gray if they were possible but pretty darned unreliable and black if they were improbable. Members of the Jesus Seminar used colored beads to vote on which kind of font would be used.

You might remember it was kind of a big deal for a while but year after year of demoting Jesus to a hippie from the Mideast only gets so much press nowadays as much of their “scholarship” has sadly seeped into the mainstream and they’re just not as radical or press worthy as they once were. So while bashing Jesus is so 90’s some of the Jesus Seminar folks have something new planned…

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