Hot Air is reporting that enthusiasm for the Republican Party is skyrocketing.

Some pollsters, including Gallup, suggested that Republican voter enthusiasm in this midterm cycle began to wane after the passage of ObamaCare. Three months later, Gallup says that GOP enthusiasm remains off the charts — almost literally, in this case. Republicans have a 35-point advantage over Democrats at the moment.

Given that you’d think that fundraising would be going pretty well. But…

Politico reports:

Democratic campaign committees outraised their Republican counterparts in the month of May by over a million dollars and held a $17 million dollar cash-on-hand advantage heading into the summer.

The Democratic National Committee, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee took in a combined $16.7 million, versus $15.45 million for the comparable GOP committees. The three Democratic campaign groups had $60.1 million to spend at the end of last month, compared with $42.7 million war chest for the Republicans…

Meanwhile, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) beat out the Republican National Committee (RNC) by about $150,000 in its dash for cash. The DNC raised $6.6 million in May, compared with $6.45 million for the RNC. Democrats spent $7.2 million in May, about one million less than the RNC.

RNC spokesman Doug Heye noted that once the DNC’s $3 million debt is factored in, the RNC actually has $360,000 more in reserve. Both committees’ receipts fell from April, when the DNC raised $10.4 million and the RNC took in $6.9 million.

Leave it to Michael Steele and the Republicans to translate enthusiasm into getting beat at the bank.

No matter how much excitement there is out there to defeat the Democrats, Republicans still need money to defeat them. Money matters in politics. Political commercials, for all the eye rolls they induce, work. Commercials move poll numbers. You have your hard core Dems and hard core GOP’ers but there’s a mushy middle that’s not too focused on politics but still vote.

Michael Steele and the Republicans better get their fundraising act together or we’re looking at many more years of huge deficits, out of control government, and an advancement of the secularist/ACLU agenda.