Would Catholics be better off in America today if scientists discovered a “Catholic gene?” Sadly, I think we would. Sadly, I think our culture promotes and celebrates victimhood and punishes morality. Sadly, I think the discovery of a papal mitre in our double helix could be a legal benefit to Catholics.

Rather than just a life-style choice that’s so un-21st century, Catholics could warrant legal protection similar to the laws that prohibit racial or gender discrimination. In the past if a Catholic pharmacist refused to sell an abortifacient contraceptive the Catholic pharmacist could lose their job. But if Catholicism was discovered to be a genetic defect some of the secular new age compassionistas might be forced to become open minded about our perceived narrow-mindedness. (And that would be fun to see.)

Oh the pretzel twisting gymnastics of feigned compassion we’d witness.

Remember, a few years ago a lesbian couple sued a wedding photographer over the Christian’s unwillingness to take pictures at their wedding. The lesbians won. But if Catholicism were a genetic issue…

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