CMR friend Jen Merkel has the audacity to disagree with her betters in the government. Surely her insolence will be repaid by a visit from the authorities.

If Jen gets picked up by the feds I just hope she doesn’t mention this blog as agreeing with her. In fact, maybe I shouldn’t have even written that we agree with her. Maybe my next post should refudiate Jen Merkel, you know to distance her from us.

In case, the authorities are reading – Jen you had it coming!!!! How dare you question whether a mosque should be built at the site of the World Trade Center? You know, because Islam had nothing to do with 9-11.

I think that should do it. (Now that the authorities aren’t reading CMR gives big huzzahs to Jen for her post.)

Jen writes:

It is a well established fact that the new aristocracy in Washington, and points left, looks askance at the fumbling yokels that make up the electorate that they must oversee.

The Elites currently in power believe that they have the only true path forward, and we are just too stupid to stay out of their way. They must deign to lower themselves, occasionally, to pat us on the head and explain what they must do, for our own good, even if it is painful….

I hate being patronized.

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