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Month September 2010

U.N. To Appont Ambassador to Space Aliens

OK. This is the worst news ever. Brace yourself. The United Nation’s is appointing the head of the Office for Outer Space Affairs to come up with a response should we be visited by space aliens. Really. The Telegraph reports:… Continue Reading →

Most Low-Down Anti-Christian Ad O’ The Season

Wow. Alan Grayson, running for Congress in FL-8, may the most low down dirty skunk running for Congress this year (and that’s sayin’ somthing). But he is also anti-Christian too. On the heels of what I thought would be the… Continue Reading →

Randall Terry Teaches How to Destroy Koran

How is this helping? I hate to see this. Randall Terry, the former head of Operation Rescue whose primary talent of late seems to be snaring headlines, has just released a video instructing people how to destroy a Koran and… Continue Reading →

Obama Omits the Creator. Again.

Well, for all those who said it was just a slip of the tongue last time or that his speechwriters were to blame, Obama just made sure you knew that he meant it the first time. Yup. President Obama just… Continue Reading →

Pro-Lifers Support Violence Against Women?

You’d think that progressives who say they’re pro-women’s rights would question themselves when their policies clearly have created a gender imbalance with baby girls being aborted at alarming rates in some countries. They’re against it but they don’t even know… Continue Reading →

Did You Boycott Church?

Yesterday was the “Sunday Without Women?” when outraged Catholic women all across the globe were supposed to boycott Mass in order to prove that the Church needs to change its mind on celibacy or ordination of women or any other… Continue Reading →

Bigots Of The World, Unite!

Four Christian Missionaries, laughably arrested and charged with inciting a riot at a Dearborn Muslim festival, have been acquitted by a jury. One of the missionaries was found guilty of failure to obey a police officer’s order The missionaries videotaped… Continue Reading →

Why Anglicanism Will Die….

This is all you need to know. In an interview with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams tries to walk the middle of the road and gets run over by a bus. It is Dr Williams’ comments on gay clergy… Continue Reading →

Let’s Nationalize the Christie Plan

You know how the federal government always says that while they support Planned Parenthood with millions of bucks you shouldn’t worry because none of that money goes to abortion. What a horrible joke that is. And we all know it…. Continue Reading →

Fr. Barron on the Hitchens Brothers

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