An abortionist at a clinic in Charleston South Carolina allegedly brandished a loaded weapon at a group of pro-life protestors early Saturday morning and was arrested shortly after.

Gary Boyle, 62, of Blountville Tennessee, drove into the driveway behind the Charleston Women’s Medical Center near where three pro-lifers stood and reportedly waved a handgun and pointed it at them.

The pro-lifers decided to call police who arrived at the scene shortly after, went into the clinic, confiscated the weapon and arrested the doctor on charges related to pointing a weapon. News reports indicate that Boyle was released on a $25,000 bail shortly after.

Some of the protesters were there as part of the 40 Days for Life organization while others regularly stand outside the clinic every Saturday. One protester who asked not to be named said, “the protesters don’t ever threaten anybody, they never cross onto the property of the clinic, and don’t impede access to the clinic.”

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