The Sachem of a tribe of native Americans likes being the head Indian. Other men in the tribe are concerned. They have been through a long drought and supplies are low. The Sachem should have been directing them to store a portion of their maize harvest to prepare, not knowing how long the drought may last.

But the Sachem was unconcerned about such detail. He prefers to talk. He likes to talk. He talks to the people of the tribe assuring them that everything is alright. He talks to the Sachems from other tribes, even occasionally telling those Sachems the things he doesn’t like about his own tribe though he is, ostensibly, its leader.

Even though there has been a drought, planning, preparing, and saving are not high on the Sachem’s list of things to do.

Because he knows the people like it, the Sachem prepares the tribe for a rain dance. To the south, the remains of a hurricane carry significant moisture northward. The Sachem conducts the dance and tells everybody all will be fine. Shortly after, the storm approaches and the rain comes. The Sachem is hailed by all. He is the victor. He brought the rain. He brought the storm.

Of course, we know that the Sachem just got lucky. He should have planned. He should have saved. He should have been ready and he wasn’t. But the storm was coming anyway. The rain came and washed away any trace that the Sachem had failed in his job.

So comes another time of bounty for his people. But the elders of the tribe know that there is always another drought coming and what you during times of plenty is just as important as in times of drought. But the Sachem does not see it. The people do not see it. He had them dance for rain and the rain came.

But some of the elders know, Sachem did not prepare. Sachem did not plan. Sachem just got lucky because the rain was coming anyway. And now, secure in his position as savior of the tribe, Sachem surely leads his people to famine.

Sachem, your name is Michael Steele.

RNC Chairman Michael Steele has talked his way through this drought. He did not plan, he did not save, he did not raise money, he did not lead. So when the storm comes, and its coming, do not be fooled as you rejoice in victory.

The storm was coming and Sachem just got lucky.

And there is always another drought coming.