The federal government wants to give money to those in need. Some say it’s about charity but when many people look to the government for sustenance, it leaves those people in a very vulnerable situation. And it’s from both sides of the aisle.

Michael Savage, a man of the right, endorsed requiring that women on welfare have Norplant, the embedded contraceptive, forcibly implanted in them if they want to receive welfare.

“Should we permit women on welfare to keep knocking out babies to increase their benefits? Only an insane society would permit that” Savage reportedly said.

That’s nothing short of disgusting.

Recently, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Governor Paterson said that people receiving food stamps should no longer be able to use them to purchase sugared soft drinks, particularly soda.

While hardly on the same scale, it exemplifies that the government that gives can threaten and bully those to whom it gives. In short, the more government gives the more power it has. The Democratic Party had made a mainstay of ads saying that you must vote for them or the Republicans will take away what they gave you. The government will seek to control those it purports to help.

Bloomberg and Savage are two sides of the same coin in that individual rights are subjugated to those who know better under the guise of benevolence. True charity doesn’t seek to control. Those who seek to control through charity are wolves in sheep’s clothing. It seems for the first time in a long time the country is starting to see through the disguise.