Is there nothing that darned tea party cannot do?

Conrad Green, executive producer of Dancing with the Stars, says the tea party may be saving Bristol Palin from elimination. (Ht to Weasel Zippers)

“There’s a strong popular movement behind Sarah Palin at the moment and she’s receiving a lot of support from the Tea Party,” Conrad Green, executive producer of the program, said in an interview. “It’s entirely possible some of those people are behind Bristol for political reasons.”

It is hard to imagine that just 18 months ago, the tea party didn’t even exist.

First it was ridiculed. Derided. Called astroturf. Called racist.

It has no leader. No location. No face.

Now it dominates news coverage. Now it influences elections.

But if that were not enough, now it even controls reality shows.

Is there nothing the tea-party cannot do?