The New Statesman’s Mehdi Hasan explains why Jesus was just a big lefty radical.

Never mind that they’re clearly drawing a comparison between Jesus and mass murderer Che Guavera. You’ve gotta’ admit this is the kind of image of Jesus that could circulate rather well in college dormitories.

The piece labels Jesus “a class warrior” and “a banker basher” and uses the fact that Jesus didn’t charge for His miracles as an endorsement of socialized healthcare.

Forget that liberals seem to forget that Jesus had a major run in with big government that didn’t go all that swimmingly and please show me the part where Jesus forcibly made people “share the wealth.” Jesus called us to a radical love. He didn’t force feed a secular utopia.

And are liberals really really comfortable with the idea of government playing the role of God? Oh wait. Sadly, yes. Yes they are.