Happy New Year! Or is that offensive?

We’re told that “Merry Christmas” is offensive because not everyone celebrates Christmas. So we’re stuck with generic salutations like “Happy Holidays.” But the mere fact that there are some who don’t celebrate a holiday make it offensive? To any normal person, the answer would be an obvious no.

But I was traveling yesterday and stopped in to grab a soda and the man behind the counter said, “Happy New Year” to me. And then I wondered to myself why in a world where many people like Jews and the Chinese have different calendars isn’t wishing someone a Happy New Year offensive?

Why? Because it has nothing to do with God. Stomping “Merry Christmas” out of the public domain has nothing to do with respect for other cultures it only has to do with ensuring any discussion of religion in public out of existence. You see, it’s not just anti-Merry Christmas, it’s anti-God.