Remember how in school teachers would threaten you with some infraction becoming part of your PERMANENT RECORD!!!!! And even back then we thought to ourselves it’s all a big fat lie. We knew there was no such thing as a permanent record. Well guess what, we were wrong. Kids in England now have these very strange permanent records which details if they’ve shown any “racist” or “homophobic” tendencies. And already 30,000 children in the UK have been labeled as such.

And it gets worse.

Weasel Zippers reports:

More than 10,000 primary school pupils in a single year have been labelled racist or homophobic over minor squabbles.

Even toddlers in nursery classes are being penalised for so-called hate crimes such as using the words ‘white trash’ or ‘gaylord’.

Schools are forced to report their language to education authorities, which keep a register of incidents.

This leads to at least 30,000 primary and secondary pupils per year being effectively classed as bigots because of anti-bullying rules.

The school can also keep the pupil’s name and ‘offence’ on file. The record can be passed from primaries to secondaries or when a pupil moves between schools at the request of the new head.

And if schools are asked for a pupil reference by a future employer or a university, the record could be used as the basis for it, meaning the pettiest of incidents has the potential to blight a child for life.

Try to convince me that these records won’t be eventually used for channeling certain kids into re-education camps. Come on. Try to tell me. So if parents in the UK were looking for more reasons to homeschool consider this reasons number 3,4985,873,429.

Oh yeah, so far I haven’t seen any classification for anti-Christian behavior. I guess they don’t think that’s worth noting.