Of the many things that have been lost during the last forty years in the name of the council, I miss one the most. Silence.

Noise is my life. With five children ages ten and under, I know from noise. My ten year old daughter screaming at my nine year old son “You are SOOOOO rude!” while he bangs on the bathroom door laughing. The seven year old and the five year old are playing Mario on Wii with the volume up to 147, and my three year old daughter is running around in a princess dress with a light sabre yelling “I’m Apunzel! Daddy, I’m Apunzel, see?” Noise is my life.

But these same children who are an endless source of decibels know, the moment we open the doors of the Church, silence is the rule. This is God’s house, not yours. That is what I teach the children, now if someone would only teach the adults.

So it bugs me when I read a story like this. A reporter with an Anglican background goes to a Catholic Church to do a story and is taken aback at the noise level. This is a Church right? Shouldn’t it be quieter? The Pastor, Fr. Reilly responds this way.

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