A must watch for Christians is coming to television soon! Is there any doubt that with the title “Good Christian B#tches” that Christians all over America will be tuning in to really see themselves in this kind of art. Sometimes I just feel that Hollywood really gets us, you know. Like really understands what makes Christians tick. It makes me feel all gooey inside like the time I ate the green stuff inside my Stretch Armstrong.

Hollywood Reporter says:

Jennifer Aspen has been cast in ABC’s “Good Christian Bitches” pilot.

The dramedy, from Sex and the City executive producer Darren Star and based on Kim Gatlin’s book, follows a woman who moves back to her Dallas neighborhood after a divorce only to become the center of salacious gossip from the community’s church-going wives.

Can’t. Miss. By only alienating about 50% of the country before it even films it’s a sure fire success.

I’m thinking already about a crossover episode with the b#tches of “The View.” You know, maybe the ladies of the View are all in a car and it breaks down in the town because dopey Elizabeth thought the “E” on the gas dial stood for “Enough” and then they run into these Christian b#tches. Hilarity ensues because remember Christianity is a punchline for the secular elite.

I can’t wait for next year’s (as of yet unannounced) spinoff “Muslim b#tches” that will make the catchphrase “Now, don’t lose your head!” a household laugh line.

Oh boy, I’m getting my TiVo warmed up.

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